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Gremlins in my Laptop


Thanks for having me on your blog, Jon! Hi to all the readers out there. I’m Anastasia Rabiyah and I write dark fantasy and erotic romance in many cross genres. I’m going to focus on the big October release for all my gremlin authors and me. Most everyone knows what a gremlin is. That nasty little bugger that sneaks into our laptops, our emails, our car engines, and anything else we don’t want to take the blame for, and chews up the wiring and the magic things that make our mechanical doodads work. Some people think of them as cute and fuzzy, or maybe green with sharp teeth and fangs. No matter what, they cause trouble!


Gremlins are all trapped inside this new print anthology cleverly titled: Gremlins An Anthology which comes out this Halloween from Seven stories by seven talented authors of dark fantasy that will change the way you envision these nasty little critters—or maybe not. There are some cute ones, some that need to be shot, and some that will lure you into a dark place to have their way with you—okay, that would be mine. She’s quite the seductress.


When author S.D. Grady first suggested this rather unusual idea to write erotic romance themed with gremlins, I was intrigued. I love paranormal baddies and anything mythical or fantastic in nature, so I jumped on the project. Being a recovering gamer—yes, it’s an addiction—I used my fascination with golems to weave a tale of coming of age and dark secrets for my gremlin tale, Hiram’s Secret. What gremlin wouldn’t want to tear apart a mechanical golem and destroy it? In my story, Hiram, an ambitious young man, runs away from his village, hoping to start a new life, find a beautiful bride, and make something of himself other than a poor pig farmer. Hiram crosses the forbidden boundary into another plane where everything is not all it seems to be. Soon enslaved by the grim Lord Beorolf, Hiram finds his hopes dashed…until he sees a mysterious pair of eyes watching him from the cell across the way.  


Several authors stepped up to the plate to add to the gremlin magic. Dawné Dominique’s tale, Bonamy & Clyde, takes a cold, strong willed woman and turns her world upside down with a little help from a gremlin all in the name of love. Bret Jordan spins some medieval magic when a forest witch weaves a seductive spell over a hunter, luring him away from his beloved bride. When he resists, the witch enlists the aid of vile, little gremlin. Cerise Amour’s gremlins are companions to their humans, but their mischief brings hero and heroine close together in a heated moment of passion which gets them both into trouble. Dahlia Rose’s gremlins are a large scale infestation that needs to be eradicated by a New York cop and a band of paranormal hunters. Crymsyn Hart’s gremlin is a cursed creature with many faces in need of a woman who can free him. And S.D. Grady weaves a tale of horror and glamour in her seductive theatre show gone wrong.


I’ve always had a fascination with fantasy. As a child I brought home critters of all kinds from toads to lizards. I guess the way I see it, the gnarly looking creatures are just misunderstood. They need love too. Readers will find a new twist in every gremlin included in this beautiful book. It is my hope too that Gremlins An Anthology will be a cherished keepsake with its unique interior flourishes and decorations. Adult fantasy lovers will fall hard for this creative work packed with darkness, whimsy, and sexual tension enough to make a laptop overheat.


If you can’t wait to get your hands on our gremlins, the book is available for pre-order at 20% off the publisher’s retail price. Click over to to reserve yours now. Gremlins is also available from and any major bookstore. If you’d like to taste-test it before you buy, check out the free mini read available at the publisher’s website and see if you’re brave enough to step into the darkness.


Readers who want to find out more about me can stop by my website at where I have lots of pages of interesting goodies, from e-books to free online jigsaw puzzles.


Much love to all,

Anastasia Rabiyah

Multi-Published Author, J.M Snyder stops in to chat about her lateste releases…

Please welcome multi-published author and friend, J.M. Snyder as “guest blogger” for the week!

I’m J.M. Snyder, author of gay erotic and romantic fiction. I began in self-publishing, but am now working with e-publishers Amber Allure, Aspen Mountain, and Torquere Presses. My short stories have appeared online at Ruthie’s Club, Tit-Elation, and Amazon Shorts, and in anthologies by Alyson Books, Aspen Mountain Press, and Cleis Press.

 This month, I have four paranormal releases just in time for Halloween.  They are: 

A More Perfect Union

A More Perfect Union

 * A More Perfect Union, published 10/12/08 by Amber Allure Press


 Book 3 in Between States a historical paranormal series set during the American Civil War. This is novella is the last story in the series, and all three will be released in a paperback collection in January 2009.

  Once a Yankee soldier, Brance Brenneman has left behind the War Between the States and gone into hiding with his lover, former Confederate Caleb Chilson. Deserters intent on keeping to themselves, they find a nice, sparse acre of land where they can finally settle down. Life falls into domesticated routine for both the brooding Yank and the excitable Rebel. Together they struggle to create a more perfect union forged of love and their shared shapeshifting secret. 


But the discovery of another bobcat encroaching on their territory brings out the possessive alley cat in Caleb, eager to defend his home and his mate. Will the newcomer destroy what they’ve worked so hard to attain? Or is there room enough for the three of them deep in the wilderness of Pennsylvania? 

The Arc Position

The Arc Position * The Positions of Love Book 11: The Arc Position, published 10/19/08 by Amber Allure Press

Book 11 in The Positions of Love, a contemporary series about lovers Vic Braunson and Matt diLorenzo. Every time they make love, Matt inadvertently gives Vic superhuman powers. There are a total of 12 stories in this series, which will be released in a paperback collection in December 2008. *** It’s Halloween, and Matt’s coworker Roxie has invited him to a costume party on that spookiest of nights. He’s afraid he’ll have an uphill battle convincing Vic to tag along, but to his surprise, his lover jumps at the idea. Matt chooses a pair of police uniforms for them to wear, and looks forward to a little sexual role-playing once the party is over. Nothing like a pair of handcuffs and a game of good cop/bad cop to get the blood pumping. A Haunted Love But Roxie calls with a pool emergency an hour before the party starts. Because Vic isn’t in costume yet, Matt goes on ahead alone. When his lover shows up for the party, Matt’s surprised to find he’s not dressed as a cop. Instead, Vic’s latest superhuman power has created a costume of its own, with comic results.

* A Haunted Love, published 10/31/08 by Aspen Mountain Press

A Haunted Love
A Haunted Love

This novelette originally appeared in the e-book anthology, Cupid’s Arrow, also published by Aspen Mountain Press. Nick works as a re-enactor at a Colonial America site. One foggy night he meets David Henry, just about the sexiest man in colonial garb Nick has ever seen. Because Nick’s missed the last bus into town, David invites him to stay the night with him at the colony’s inn. Though there’s definitely a spark between them, David is gone when Nick wakes. When David’s claim of working as an apprentice at the glass shop doesn’t pan out, Nick begins to wonder about the guy he’s met and the ghost stories circulating around the colony, stories he always believed untrue …

* One of Use, published 10/31/08 by Torquere Press

The Sip...
The Sip...

This short story appears in my self-published collection, Shorts, and was also published online at Ruthie’s Club.

 Connor Allen is a young man who sports a nasty bite that seems to grow worse during the full moon. A former classmate, Rand, tells him it’s a werewolf bite. At first Connor thinks he’s joking, but as the moon rises, he finds himself undergoing a painful transformation. Rand knows just how bad it can be the first time a man changes, so he distracts Connor in a way that pleases them both.


For more information on these releases, please visit my website at or click on the links above.  I host monthly contests to five away free copies of all new releases (, and I give away additional freebies through my Yahoo! group (


Thank you, Jon, for hosting me today!


Any time, J.M!  Keep keep us informed as the holidays approach…  Thank you for sharing your latest releases with the readers of my blog. 


If you have a question for J.M Snyder, current or past releases, please post then here for response…




Nex week, I have a very special “treat” for you – or is that a “trick”??


Gremlins are coming…check back next week as Gremlin’s author/graphic cover artist Anastasia Rabiyah chats about her new release, appearing in the print anthology, Gremlins – from



When Passions Collide, Porn becomes Erotica By A.J. Llewellyn


Porn and erotica are by definition sometimes uncomfortable bed fellows.

For my money, they are poles apart, but there’s good gay porn which has all the elements of good erotica and then there’s bad gay porn, just as there is bad erotica.

The world of gay porn is quickly evolving into whole different world that shows me that it’s veering more toward erotica than away from it.

 Gay porn star Steve Cruz recently announced on his blog at that he was taking a break from performing to direct his first feature. He ran a poll, asking his readers what they want to see in their porn. This very engaging star of some pretty raunchy movies, just wrapped his directorial debut, Blue Movie.

 The results of his poll may surprise you:


More Scenes, A Longer Movie

  7 (3%)


4 Scenes is Enough if Each Scene is Smoking Hot

  7 (3%)


Lots of My Favorite Top Name Stars

  22 (11%)


Sexy New Models I’ve Never Seen Before

  5 (2%)


An Interesting Plot

  12 (6%)


No Plot, Just Give Me The Sex

  10 (5%)


Hard Aggressive Driving Sex

  42 (21%)


Passionate Connected Sex, Good Chemistry

  68 (34%)


Gay For Pay

  6 (3%)


Whatever Is New From My Favorite Studio, Don’t Care Who’s In It

  1 (0%)

DVD Extras, Behind The Scenes, Interviews! Gimme More!

  15 (7%)



68 per cent of his audience wants to see passionate, connected sex and good chemistry!

This, as a gay male who writes gay erotic romances made my heart zing. It didn’t thrill me personally to see that an interesting plot rated a mere 12%, but I digress.

The results didn’t apparently shock the canny Mr. Cruz. He’s probably already combing through his assorted friends and hot co-stars trying to figure out how to deliver such goods.

In an industry rife with some pretty heavy stuff (fisting, water sports, etc.) what I find intriguing is that the stars themselves are turning the tables, taking control, delivering hot, passionate, connected sex in their own movies.

Youtube has been the breeding ground for this new, hot-on-the-net trend. One of the innovators of the movement is gay porn superstar Francesco D’Macho who continues to get countless hits each week for even the oldest vids of him kissing his former lovers and co-stars in movie outtakes.

With this apparently in mind, Francesco and his fiancé, the other hotter than hell gay porn star Damien Crosse formed their own company which launched a few days ago.

Porn’s hot new power couple describes it as The Next Generation of Porn.

On October 1, they announced their new company and posted a thirty second clip, blowing out Google’s links they got so many hits.

They fixed that problem and the site opened. Their first signature film is a stunning blue-hued movie of their own, While the City Watches. It stars Damien and hot newcomer Adriano Toledo on a moonlit rooftop in just about the most sensuous action you’ll ever see from two men…directed and shot at very close range by Francesco. 

This movie is so intimate you feel like you stumbled on a private moment and feel a little guilty to be enjoying it so much. I have no idea how these two men in love share themselves so willingly with other people, but God bless ‘em. They are sweethearts.

Their off guard moments captured on camera are endearing and sweet. Recently, they performed a live sex show in Torremolinos together and the behind the scenes footage is also available on the site. What is especially revealing is the sweet private life Damien and Francesco share.

In one memorable scene, they visit with gay porn star Orlando Toro for dinner at his family home on the outskirts of the city. His father is setting the table cracking jokes about being the waiter of the house as in the background, Mama Toro can clearly be seen cooking in the kitchen.

Is this porn? No, dammit! It’s flippin’ erotic!

They’re people like us – believe it or not. Orlando [who is performing on the same show with Francesco and Damien later that evening] confides to Damien on camera, “My mom can’t find out you’re doing a sex show!”

There is a warm, loving vibe to everything…even when the couple is getting ready for their show backstage. 

“I’m nervous,” Francesco confides. “Are you nervous, Damien? I’m fucking freaking out!”

The couple swaps anxious, reassuring kisses and the ensuing show, shot before an apparently hetero, but appreciative crowd, comes with subtitles at the bottom of the screen with the two stars’ actual thoughts.

“Love you, big slut,” Francesco says.

“Love you more, bigger slut.”

Their ensuing banter is hilarious and makes you realize that these guys might be the hottest porn stars alive, but passion is their fashion and at the end of the day, it’s that connection, that intimacy that fuels their careers and their new lives together.

 Ain’t love grand – and erotic?

Aloha oe,


Famed Horror writer, Rick R. Reed chats about his new novel!

It’s always with some trepidation that I open an e-mail from a cover artist with a subject line that indicates a JPEG of a brand-new cover is within. It’s a suspenseful moment, wrought with tension, and one in which you get to see if your baby is going to have the beautiful face it deserves…of if it’s gonna be ugly as sin, dooming it to a life of shunning and ridicule, much like my own life.

I think my baby has a beautiful face…and boy, am I relieved. Check out the cover design below for my October release, Dead End Street, my first young adult horror novel. Cover artist Trace Edward Zaber did a great job making a cover that’s simple, evocative, and creepy…all at once.

But mothers always think their babies are beautiful. What do you think?

Here’s a little “elevator speech” about Dead End Street, which will be released in October, just in time for Halloween (or the holidays, which is a heavy handed way of saying that it would make a great gift for son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandkid, or your own inner teen).

They were five misfit kids who had banded together in their small Ohio River town. Over the years, they had organized various clubs and now they had formed the Halloween Horror Club. The premise was simple: each week, each teen would spin a horrifying tale and at the end of five weeks, the scariest story won a prize. The twist: the stories had to be told in the infamous and abandoned Tuttle house, where, fifteen years earlier, an entire family had been murdered in their beds. The idea seems like a good one, until the kids begin to realize they may not be alone in the Tuttle house, which backed up against the woods. There seems to be someone—or something—watching them. Is it Paul Tuttle, the teenage son who disappeared fifteen years ago, the night his parents and sister were killed? Or is it someone even more sinister? 

With each story (each a completed short, original horror tale that stands on its own), the tension mounts…and so does the anger of this mysterious inhabitant of the house. He is enraged at having his space violated. And his rage could mean a real dead end for those who dare to invade his home…

Read the first chapter of Dead End Street here: