Alex Morgan’s “Hit Man” is one hot read!

A hustler living in a run-down apartment gets a visit from a former lover. Todd’s old flame is now a hired gun for the local mob boss. When Nico reappears at his door, Todd has high hopes that he has come back to renew their relationship which ended when Nico became a hit man. But Nico makes it clear that he didn’t return to rekindle the flame that burned so hot when they were lovers. He’s been hired to execute Todd. In horror, Todd realizes there may be no escape for him but he convinces Nico into one last night of the unbridled revelry that they once knew. Nico agrees, but will he allow Todd to escape? Or will he carry out his mob boss’s orders?

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60054-308-1
Length: 16 pages/  3000 words
Genre: Gay Horror
loveyoudivine Category: His and His Kisses
Rating: Super Nova

* * * *

A cool breeze wafted through the open window, alleviating the stuffiness of my efficiency apartment. It was warmer than usual for this time of year, so it was a treat to have such beautiful weather. I ventured to open the window a little more, ignoring the din of the city, and allowing more air to circulate, since I had no air conditioning. I laid back on my bed and tried to get in a comfortable position to fall asleep.

A knock at the door brought me back from the edges of drowsiness.

I walked to the door in my shorts and peered through the peephole. I could see a tall figure in the dim hallway outside but he kept his face lowered, hidden from me and anyone else who might be watching.

I was used to this attempt at anonymity so I was not alarmed as I opened the door. When I recognized him, I sucked in my breath with an audible gasp and my heart leapt in my chest.
“Nico?” My voice was just above a whisper in surprise and desire.

“Hey, babe,” he replied with a smile. He remembered the pet name that he had for me.

I hadn’t seen my former lover in six long years, but he looked the same, as if time had not passed for him. We had been inseparable for a year and half before that. Back then, Nico had been voracious, insatiable and uninhibited. He was also generous. I attended school at that time and he had just been hired by Big Johnny, the mob overlord in this part of the city. I knew that Nico was in training to be a hired gun, and those elements of danger and devil-may-care attitude attracted me to him.

Nico set me up in an apartment (much nicer than this one) near school and near him. He came to me every night and we would indulge in carnal pleasures of the flesh until we were exhausted, sweating and panting.
Then he began to distance himself from me. The change was subtle at first, so I didn’t suspect anything was wrong. He pimped me out a few times and I went along with it because I thought it would please him. In retrospect, it was only to keep me from noticing he was absent.

Before long, he stopped coming to see me altogether. I couldn’t find him and he never tried to contact me. I knew he was getting pressure from Big Johnny to leave me. I overheard his part of phone conversations, and Nico talked in his sleep, giving me enough clues to realize what was going on. And pillow talk can loosen even the most secretive of tongues.

Inconsolable for weeks, I often contemplated suicide. I lost the plush apartment, since Nico stopped paying for it, and had to settle for this run-down hell-hole, where I have been for over five years.

In my depression, I almost didn’t graduate, but passed with barely acceptable grades. After that I could not hold steady work because I couldn’t concentrate nor did I have any will power to move on. Finally, I took to the streets hustling. It’s an ugly dangerous job but for it’s all that I could do.

That’s been my life ever since he left, and now he stood at my door. Those six years were swept from my memory in an instant.

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