An Interview With Author, Adrianne Brennan

I recently had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing the diverse writer, Adrianne Brennan, fellow author releasing at loveyoudivine Alterotica…


Jon:  Adrianne, I must say, I’ve seen your name here and there but have not yet gotten to know you.  Since releasing your latest, Dawn Of The Seraphs, with loveyoudivine, I’ve become intrigued.  Can you tell me how you came to release with loveyoudivine?


Adrianne: Nix (Winter) was my corrupter–I mean, invitation–to join. Through Nix I found out about the Immortal Fire anthology and was encouraged to submit. I’m in another anthology due out in February for f/f and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to jump into the wide, wonderful genre of m/m! Since I have a prequel idea for the Dark Moon series in m/m, this I thought would be a great way to break into the genre before that book comes out.


Jon:  Dawn Of The Seraphs sounds incredible!  Congratulations on your release.  The plot sounds like a tremendous undertaking, a foray into sci-fi/fantasy, erotic paranormal lust!  Can you tell us more about this awesome novel?


Adrianne: It’s about two men who are incredibly different, personality-wise, from each other–but have amazing chemistry that they just have no control over. Both are very talented, brilliant Seraphs–powerful psions, if you will–and are mutually drawn into a world of subterfuge and intrigue through working on a behind the scenes assignment in ANGEL, an organization of Seraphs devoted to their kind.  The two men are forced to work together in spite of the fact that the friction between them makes it nearly impossible.


But together they make an amazing partnership, and I look forward to writing more about them. 😀


Jon:  Where did you get your inspiration for Dawn Of The Seraphs?  Is there more to come between Tamar and Kir?


Adrianne: I got my inspiration from some of my favorite science fiction shows plus bits and pieces of my favorite fandom male pairing. So many people have different chemistry together, and there’s that sort of chemistry where you bicker and argue before you each cave in and realize there’s a powerful attraction there. And oh yes, you better believe there’ll be more! I plan on a sequel for this, so stay tuned!


Jon:  It appears you’ve been writing for a long time.  And indeed, your writing has achieved wonderful praise, accolades and awards.  Can you share which are you most proud of?


Adrianne: Thanks Jon! Writing is my passion, my fuel, my oxygen. I’m thrilled to be here and never in my wildest dreams imagined that I’d wind up getting so many readers, let alone awards.  I don’t know if there’s a single one I’m most proud of, to be honest. I’m more proud that I got any at all. Sometimes being here is a little surreal, and I remain thankful. 🙂


If anything, I enjoy hearing readers’ feedback. They’re the ones I enjoy hearing from and make the most impression to me in regards to how my writing is being received. I receive Google alerts for my name on a regular basis, and one day got a notification that my book, Blood of the Dark Moon, was listed on someone’s profile on a message board. The reason why was because they had listed it as their favorite novel. That to me was worth more than all of the awards, the “Best Ever”s, and reviews I could’ve possibly have received and achieved. It made my day, week–no, month! 😀



Jon:  (You knew I was going to ask this question…)  I’m often confounded by the attitudes by some that female authors cannot write a good m/m erotic romance.  I don’t agree, as I’ve read some pretty sizzling titles by authors like Anastasia Rabiyah, Carol McKenzie, Patricia Oshier Bruening, Nix Winter, Lady Midnight and Dawne Domique, to name a few… Have you ever faced such stigma writing gay m/m erotica?


Adrianne: I’ve yet to receive it directly but have noticed it from others. I see where some are coming from, as I’ve read a lot of m/m fanfic written by women which makes me utterly *cringe* with how they write a m/m pairing. But on the other hand I don’t think it’s so much women writing about men as much as writing skills in general. If direct experience was required to write, many of us wouldn’t be able to. After all, I write about vampires and demons, and I’m certainly neither a vampire nor a demon! *grin*


Jon:  Okay,  here’s a fun question:  If you could be any one of your characters for just a day, who would it be and why?


Adrianne: I’ve been asked this before and to be honest, I’d never want to be one of my characters–some of them go through absolute hell, lol! 😀 But I will say that there are moments in their lives which I’d love to have the chance to experience. Amanda’s first kiss with Jesse in Blood of the Dark Moon, Merideth’s date with Kalia in Blood and Mint Chocolates, Lila’s first encounter with Asmodion in book 3 of the Oath series, and for Dawn of the Seraphs, being Tamar for a day would be *damned* interesting–especially given some of his abilities!


Jon:  Closing out, I understand you have the distinct pleasure of interviewing author, Melissa El  Hajjar.  I’m so jealous because I’ve just ordered her novel, Bane Of Exhistence.  Are you as excited as I am?!!!


Adrianne: This is the first I’ve heard of it–LOL! But I relish the opportunity. I love hearing from other authors who are passionate about their craft. You can always tell who is, and it’s delightful.


Dawn of The Seraphs is also included in loveyoudivine’s awesome anthology, Immortal Fire, from His & His Kisses line.


Newsflash – Dawn of the Seraphs, a m/m scifi/paranormal erotic romance in the Immortal Fire anthology, is up for Love Romance Cafe’s Best Scifi/Futuristic Book 2009!!!


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