Tails Of The Sea 2: Saving Tirnan by Alex Morgan

Tails Of The Sea 2: Saving Tirnan

I really enjoyed Alex Morgan’s ebook Tails Of The Sea 1: Tail Of The Sea with the introduction of sea captain Andrew and his sea-lover, Tirnan, the merman. This sequel adds further dimention with a trilling adventure for the captain and his crew. A quick-read for those looking for light speculative fiction with sexy attunement!

Murder on Camac by Joseph R. G. DeMarco

Murder on Camac

A very good, well-plotted mystery, though thick reading at times. I was introduced to gay P.I. Marco Fontana in the second book, “A Body on Pine” in the series, which I enjoyed greatly. In fact, I may have enjoyed the sub-plot more than the main plot because author DeMarco has created such an interesting cast of characters, that you want to know more about their lives. Mystery lovers will enjoy reading this novel, not to mention fall in love with Marco Fontana!

Chase of a Lifetime by Ryan Field

Chase of a Lifetime

Chase Of A Lifetime – by Ryan Field

Wow – this novel had me from the beginning pages, with naive and closeted college graduate Jim, running into his best friend’s closeted cowboy father — who confides he’s in a marriage of convenience — and sparks fly as Len lusts after Jim. The instant attraction, awesome sex, hot romance and serious pull of the heart-strings made this gay romance between older/young men work for me. The last third of the novel had me rushing through the pages to see if these two men – with everything working against them and their budding relationship – could survive. I really. really enjoyed this novel!