Finalists of the 25th Annual Lambda Literary Awards Announced

The 25th Annual Lambda Literary Awards finalists were released today by the Lambda Literary Foundation.


Finalists for the Lambda Literary Awards were announced today by the Lambda Literary Foundation (LLF) in Los Angeles. Books from major mainstream publishers, from academic presses, from both long-established and new LGBT publishers, as well as from emerging publish-on-demand technologies, make up the 687 submissions for the “Lammys.” The finalists were selected from a record number of submissions, and, for the first time, the judges were encouraged to choose more finalists in those categories that drew a large number of submissions.

Continue to the Finalists list via this link: LLF Announces Finalists of the 25th Annual Lambda Literary Awards | Lambda Literary

It’s That Time Again! 2013 Gaybies! Vote for Your Favorites in Multiple Categories

It’s time again to vote for your favorites for the 2013 Gaybies, hosted by TLA.


Per the TLA Gaybies Nominee Page:

“Welcome to the 2013 TLA GAYBIE AWARDS, where we’re honoring what we feel was the very best work in gay-themed movies and literature from the past year. And, even though we don’t have an awards “show,” per se, we’ll still attempt to be much more concise and entertaining than the Oscars® – which shouldn’t be too difficult! No need to thank us. You are very welcome.

This year’s nominees were hand-picked by our opinionated, gay-movie-obsessed staff. As for the winners, YOU get to pick them! Scroll down to vote for your favorite movies, books and actors. The winners will be announced April 15th. Don’t forget to check back with us to see if your favorites made the final cut! Happy voting!”