Making History Now…One Gay Romance at a Time with Geoffrey Knight & Ethan Day

Making History Now… One Gay Romance at a Time Geoffrey Knight


Geoff Knight and Ethan Day

How often do we say to ourselves that generations from now, people will look back in shock and dismay that once upon a time gay rights weren’t equal rights? They’ll wonder why things were not balanced or fair or safe for some, why people were treated as second class citizens just because of their sexual orientation, and why so many of us—on both sides of the debate—got so angry. Which is probably why so many of us love gay romance. Because when it comes to the struggles of finding yourself and overcoming adversary, every romance novel has its hero or heroes, and every ending is a happy one.

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Find Out How I Met the Love of my Life in The Face of Gay – Kage Alan’s Blog

The Face of Gay 32 (Jon Michaelsen)


One of my favorite bands, Tears For Fears, regrouped several years ago and released an album titled Everybody Loves A Happy Ending. I find

1988_Johnnythat I concur. The human adventure comes with a number of hidden traps and pitfalls mixed with uncertainty and the ever-looming unknown. And then there are times when we’re asked to look over that life in order to find something about it worth telling others. Welcome to Jon Michaelsen’s Face of Gay.

The Face of Gay 32 (Jon Michaelsen) It never fails, once in a while a reader will come along and ask a question I can’t answer readily as I can espouse reasons for my love of penning gay fiction, developing plot and characterization, outlining, proofing, editing–yes, I love editing –and, why I choose to write in a genre overwhelmed with a bevy of newly published authors with the emergence of small electronic publishers, indie publishers and self-publishers, all competing with legacy publishers of GLBT fiction.

A reader recently asked, “What are you most proud of?”

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Interview and Giveaway: Wilde City Press with Ethan Day and Geoffrey Knight

May 2, 2013

Ethan Day and Geoff KnightToday I am very excited to welcome Geoff Knight & Ethan Day to Joyfully Jay.  Geoff and Ethan are here to talk to us more about the launch of Wilde City Press, a new publishing company they have started focusing on all genres of fiction and featuring gay male protagonists. Wilde City Press opened its… read more »Read more to find out about my new home…