Hey, everyone!

Hey, ya’ll!

Yep, I hail from the southeastern portion of the USA; born and raised in the state of Georgia.  I thought my first post should be a little about me to provide some insight for those who might not have met me or read some of my writing – and I’d like to hear about you too!  So, feel free to reach out, give me a shout; ask just about anything.  I’ll post a regular message on the 8th of each month, and perhaps intermittently throughout the month – so, check back often!

How long have I been writing? 

Let’s see, as long as I can remember actually.  Is that an answer?  To put an age to my response, I’d say since I was about ten years old.  I used to create characters and make-up simple story lines, often playing out scenes in my head – or acting them out for my family.  Didn’t we all do this at some point?  My family said I had “an active imagination.”  I probably have every scrap of paper, poem, blurb, idea, character, storyline or novel I’ve ever written, piled in boxes in the attic and basement.  Ironically, I didn’t get serious about publishing until last year.  Growing up, school, career – life kept getting in the way, I guess.  I’m a new author at Loveyoudivine His & His Kisses and very happy to be among some of the most talented, creative authors I’ve come across in a long while; imaginative, witty, creative and pushing the barriers.  My recently released story, VOYEUR, deals with the obsessive depths of voyeurism and what happens when a few innocent glances can spiral into obsession that changes the protagonist’s life forever. Voyeur released Friday, June 13th this year and will also appear in Loveyoudivine’s His & His first print anthology titled, MEN, set for release August 1st, 2008.

What genre do I prefer to write the most?

I write about ideas and stories that press forward in my mind, whatever I’m feeling, what moves me, perhaps has even touched my life at some point.  I’ll be driving along or waiting in line at the grocery store when a story idea or character surfaces in my thoughts.  If it stays with me long enough, I’ll typically get my thoughts down on paper, or via in the computer – even recorded on a micro-cassette recorder I keep in the car.  I have a boxful of scraps of paper, notes, scenes, characters – you name it.  I’ll cull from this stash now and again when needing inspiration or the right look or feeling for a character.  I enjoy jotting notes of description about “real people” and what it is about them that captured my attention; often guessing what may be going on in their lives at that moment by just studying a face, a body, a walk – even the clothes worn.  I write gay-themed suspense/thrillers and mystery stories, often with erotic and romantic undertones.
Current work-in-progress?

I have hundreds!  I always have “something” in progress.  Currently, I’m writing a murder-suspense novel titled “Pretty Boy Dead”.  The story focuses on a closeted Atlanta homicide detective who – upon returning to the job following a “forced” six-week sabbatical – catches a high profile case involving a young man’s suspicious death.  Discovered in a popular Midtown park, the victim’s brutal murder ensnares the large metropolis and threatens to consume the embattled homicide detective, Sgt. Kendall Parker, a man of many secrets who’s battling his own inner demons.  While investigating the death of the popular nude dancer, Parker must deal with an apathetic department and judging public while forced to confront her own inner demons of acceptance.

Authors that have influenced my writing…

There are many, from the time I was an impressionable teenager and discovered my love for curling up with a good book.  The first author that comes to mind is S.E. Hinton (Outsiders, Rumble Fish) and Ray Bradbury.  The novel I credit with pointing me toward a path to writing my own stores is Patricia Nell Warren’s, The Front Runner, to this day, one of my favorite all time authors.  I’m also very fond of James Kirkwood’s, Good Times/Bad Times, John Grisham’s, A Time To Kill/The Firm, Felice Picano’s, Like People In History, and anything written by Michael Nava.

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