My interview with Ethan Stone, an incredible writer of tough, sexy, strong gay men

This week, I had the opportunity to interview the incredible writer, Ethan Stone, author of several novels featuring tough, sexy, strong gay men. I first discovered Stone’s writing through his gritty Cristian Flesh series, his non-nonsense, no-holds-bared tough detective, but one helluva sexy guy!

So join me as I ask Ethan to share a little about himself, his life and writing career – and what we can expect next from him.


Where do you live? City, town, island, country?

Salem, Oregon. USA

Writer’s rarely like to toot their own horn; seriously! What would you say is your greatest accomplishment?

My children are by all means my greatest accomplishment. I am also proud of making the decision to pursue my writing full time. Additionally, I am quite proud that I dumped my ex and have not fallen off the wagon as far as he is concerned.

Without getting too personal, can you share a little about your home life?

I’ve already shared a lot about my personal life on social sites. No secrets, really. After my job situation changed suddenly in Nevada, my son and I moved into my dad’s house in Oregon. My older brother also lives here. My dad is kind enough to help me out for a while, while I see if I can make a living at this author thing.

Where do you write, and in what format? (computer, tablet, paper, recorder)

Always on my laptop. I used to write only on my desktop but I’ve switched it up. I’m hardcore like that. I sit in my recliner, tune out the

Flesh world and write.

What inspires and challenges you most in writing?

I get my inspiration from all over the place. People I meet, guys I…hang out with, pictures on the net. Beauty inspires me, but I don’t mean just the model gorgeous people. Inner beauty inspires me as much as outer beauty. As for challenges, I’d say I’m my own worst enemy. I procrastinate like crazy and constantly find reasons (excuses) to not write. If you’ve seen my motivation, send it back to me.

You’ve probably answered this question a hundred times, but please indulge as our readers (and fellow writers) want to know: Do you fly by the seat of your pants when writing or plot out your storylines?

I am a total pantster. I usually know where I want to go and let the characters take me they need to go. If I do write an outline it’s a short one and sometimes I don’t follow it all.

How do you deal with the constant distractions such as blogs, FB, promo and real life (like that dreaded daytime job)?  

Well, I don’t have an evil day job, but I still manage to find all sorts of things to distract me. I’m on Facebook most of the time, but I don’t know if it counts as promo. I bullshit with my buddies and Words With Friends is a great time waster. I totally suck at promo. I’m just lucky enough to have an awesome group of core readers.

You have a terrific detective series featuring the very sexy, Reno Detective Cristian Flesh, with three novels so far. Do you plan writing more with Flesh, and will he ever get his chance at true love?


Flesh is still in my head and I will re-visit him. The right plot hasn’t come yet but soon—I hope. I want something more than just a police procedural. It has to be something that affects Cristian personally. He’s met his true love in Colby, but will they live happily ever after? I think their relationship is one of ups and downs with big fights and hot make-up sex. They’re not the type to go for a big, splashy wedding. Gabe and Drew, however, are another story. I think Gabe would love a traditional wedding, if only to get Cristian in a tuxedo. (Jon: Now that, I would love to see!)

Recently, you released a novel about cops, security guards, correctional officers set in a maximum security prison who experience regular, almost daily dangerous situations, and some even fall in love. I understand this is the first novel in your second planned series. Have you planned ideas for the upcoming novels, and how many are you planning?

I’m not sure how many Uniformity books there will be. The second—Damaged—is due out soon. I’m working on the third at the moment. I have several other ideas for the characters, but also want to work on follow ups to other books, like Past Tense and Bartender, PI.

On behalf of the Gay Mystery-Thriller-Suspense Fiction Facebook Group, thank you for answering the questions fans of the genre would like to know. 


Last request, can you share a little about your current release and/or WIP?

Damaged features Zane Davis, who was a big part of Compromised, finding his true love, Brett Emerson. Zane and Brett both work at a maximum security prison, Zane as a correctional officer and Brett as a caseworker. The attraction between them is instant, but there’s the little matter of Brett’s girlfriend. While dealing with his feelings for Brett, Zane proves himself an excellent officer by helping stop a corrupt guard. But the dirty officer is just the beginning off the corruption in the prison and Zane ends up in the middle of it all.


Damaged will be available for pre-order at Total-e-Bound on October 4th, up for sale at TeB on October 18th, and available everywhere else on November 15th.


Check out Ethan Stone at the links below:

Twitter: ethanjstone

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