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  1. Great article, Faith. I know my companions have always been pics of hot men. heehee I know, that’s just me. But I don’t eat anything when I’m writing, and I don’t have a drink. I don’t listen to music. But dang, when I see a pic of a hot guy, that is what gives me inspiration!

  2. Faith, what’s strange is…I find the flow of your words and your confidence a much needed boost for my muse. In short…you inspire me when no other vice does. lol. Lady you’re invaluable, and a true angel to so many. Love you, Faith!!

    Guys, if you haven’t checked out her series of Avoid Writer’s Hell books, you’re missing out. They are a must for any writer.

  3. I had a little scottish terrier that slept at my feet under the desk. Sometimes she would lay her head on my feet or I would just automatically rub her with my feet. She died a year ago and I still find myself “feeling” for her under the desk. I can honestly say that during the year I had her and she slept there, I turned out a lot more work than now–writing wise. Our new dog doesn’t want to sleep at my feet, however she sleeps with me at night.

    I’m a bit like the author you mentioned above and silence is like noise to me. I also have a webfest here and there. Lately, I’ve just been bummed about writing in general. I can’t get anything done. I think I may try to go back to music. I did listen to that for a while to set the mood of my stories. There are, as of now, three things I require at my desk. Chapstick, hand lotion, and a Diet Coke. lol. Needs improvement, doesn’t it?

    Great blog. Thanks Jon and Faith!

  4. That is very true Faith, and very interesting. I am not sure if I have a writing companion or crutch like that right now, but I haven’t been really wriitng lately since I got pregnant. Its been too distracting. Yet, I think this is one of those things that you don’t really realize you use, until it’s missing.

    Thanks for the great blog!

  5. This was such a good article. Jon mentioned you were blogging today and I came over to see what you had to say. Jumped over and bought all three of your Writers Hell books. Reading good books on how to write is one of my companions. I will see a suggestion of how to do something and think “Ooooh! That’s what I need for that scene in the park!” or wherever. ;0

    I have my decaf coffee with Mocha Almond Fudge creamer or chocolate creamer every morning in my special mug. In the afternoon it’s a nice cold decaf diet Pepsi, and in the evening I give myself a treat of one or two Dove Sugar Free Chocolates with Dark Chocolate Creme. Five of these babies are a serving and they even have antioxidants and fiber. The perfect food. And believe it or not, knowing I can have this treat every day has helped me say no to many a temptation. I’ve lost 65 lbs in the last two years by changing my lifestyle and eating habits. So one of the things I can say is my companion is taking better care of myself. I have more endurance and can write longer without being as tired.

    Have to add one more – I am totally inspired by hot fiction by my favorite authors. The way they say a certain phrase, or the feeling I get during certain scenes – I will pick apart those sentences like an English teacher to see exactly what it is they do. Writing is a craft, and I believe we should study those whose work we admire.

    thanks for a terrific blog today.

  6. Faith – thanks for letting me know about the 4th book; I’ll definately be awaiting that one Can you give us (and the readers) an idea what you’re tackling this time?? Again – I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful support; you have been a very popular guest blogger this past week! Jon Michaelsen

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