Haunted Houses, Zombie Proms, a Big Bad Wolf & Erotica; Interviewing Logan Zachary

Where do you live?

I live in a haunted house in Minneapolis, MN.  The man that invented Old Dutch potato chips built this English cottage.

Writers rarely like to toot their own horns, but what would you say is your greatest accomplishment? 

Last week, I found out that my book, “Calendar Boys” was one of ISO book club’s Top 100 bestseller of the year.  I also have four short stories in four of the anthologies in the Top 100.  Jerry Wheeler’s Tricks of the Trade, Neil Plakcy’s Sexy Sailor, Shawn Allison’s Nasty Boys and Big Man on Campus.

CalendarBoysWow – that is some accomplishment; Congratulations!

But just as you have seen recently with your book, Pretty Boy Dead, there is nothing more exciting than to see your book finally in print and in your hand.

Without getting too personal, can you share a little about your home life?

My Partner, Paul, and I have season tickets to the Broadway plays and Minnesota Opera.  We attend concerts, foreign and independent films.  We are active in the bear community and participate in various events and fund raising activites for AIDS and helping feed the less fortunate.

I work four days a week at a hand therapy clinic and help patients with traumatic injuries ranging from overuse syndromes, lawn mowers and snow blowers accidents, table and chain saws injuries, and multiple crush injuries at work.

SYDNEYWe have a six month old miniature schnauzer, who is chewing on everything in the house.  She just ate the Christmas tree lights and loves to chew on my pens when she’s not helping me type on my computer.  Caps Lock is her favorite key.

What inspires and challenges you most in your writing? 

I would love for one of my books to be made into a movie or hit the New York Times best seller list, but I want to write the book or story that I want to read.  I want to do better with each story and challenge myself to come up with something new and unique to me.  I enjoy the creative process and enjoy seeing what I come up.  My writing is just like reading a book, I can’t wait to see what’s on the next page, what’s coming up.

In writing a murder mystery, I like to come up with a unique way to kill or use a different murder weapon.  I enjoy coming up with clever ways and unique murder weapons.  This is a special challenge to me along with using humor and fun characters to tell my story.

You’ve probably answered this question a hundred times, but please indulge as our readers and fellow writers would like to know: Do you fly by the seat of your pants when writing or plot out your storylines?

BigManI fly by the seat of my pants and have no idea where my story is going.  I have a vague idea of where the book or story will end, but I rarely know who the killer is until my characters show me who it should be.  When I try to control my characters, they refuse to do what I have outlined or plotted out ahead.   They refuse to go where I have plotted them to go if it isn’t true to their character and many times they know better where they should go and what they should do.  Mostly they say, “You know…” and proceed to tell me the right thing to do.

Yes, I hear voices, and I answer them back.  My writer friends say I am too nice to my characters and I need to make them suffer more.  Well, I can’t say what my characters want me to tell my friends.

You have published about a hundred gay erotica stories in collections such as “Teammates”, “Calendar Boys”, “Men at Noon, Monsters at Midnight”, and “Skater Boys”, the latter edited by Neil Plakcy, my subject for last week’s Author Interview. Can you share with us which stories contain mystery, thriller or suspense as a sub-genre?  

NastyBoysI feel that all stories have a little mystery in them.  Who will get who?  Who will get it in the end?  (In more ways than one.)  Most of my short stories are erotica, but I have a few with the mystery added.  “Call Boy Killer” is a dark mystery in Nasty Boys. “WereBear”is in”Men at Noon, Monsters at Midnight”.

Have had you ever had to deal with homophobia after your gay novels are released, and if so, what form has it taken?

I had a book signing at an adult book store and sex shop, and two of my friends wouldn’t come to the event.  They were fine with the gay subject matter, but they couldn’t get over the sex shop.  This was a classy, nice store that taught safe sex and offered educational classes.  It wasn’t where you needed a trench coat and brown paper bags and women primarily shopped.

What novel or short-story do you wish you had written and why?

I wish I wrote the book Romancing the Stone.  I feel that is the perfect movie and book.  It has humor, mystery, and romance.  I’m a hopeless romantic and grew up reading my mom’s romances, but the romances she read had adventurous women who took their fate into their own hands, were strong enough to fight back, and had an adventure.

Which living actor would you cast to play your protagonist, Paavo Wolf, in your full-length novel, “Big Bad Wolf”?

BigBadWolfJames Marsden or James Franco.  I love their work, and they both have the charisma and charm that Paavo has, along with the humor and personality, along with body type.  If my movie was made into a movie, I would love to have a chance to meet both men.

Last question; can you share with us a little about your current release and/or WIP?

My new book is called Big Bad Wolf.  Paavo Wolfe owns We’re Wolfe’s Books, the place to go for Lake Superior’s horror book and movie aficionados. His best friend, Stacey, own Lotions and Potions next door. When a wolf attacks two of Stacey’s employees, against all reason, they begin to suspect that one of the victims is turning into a werewolf. As they struggle to find the truth, they dodge a nosy news reporter, an ex-partner detective assigned to the case, a drug selling boyfriend, and too many friends trying to help solve the crime before things become really hairy. Can Paavo solve the mystery before he runs into the Big Bad Wolf?  The action takes place the week of Halloween and during a horror film festival and a zombie prom.

Currently, I am finishing up the sequel to Big Bad Wolf.  It’s called GingerDead Man, where a baker from Icing on the Lake is thrown in his own oven and Paavo and Stacey find his body.  This book takes place over Thanksgiving week, and they have to deal with Joe’s family, Paavo’s landlord, and the homeless dinner as an arsonist is setting Duluth ablaze.  The heat is turned up in more ways than one in Paavo and Joe’s relationship from the steam room at the bath house to the various fires that are set around the town, putting everyone in jeopardy.  Billy Goat Snuffed is the third book planned in this series.

SailorsI have a children’s mystery about a mummy being plotted, and a bunch of short story requests.  So I am busy and ideas are flowing.

On behalf of the Facebook Gay Mystery-Thriller-Suspense Fiction Group, thank you for giving us a little of your time today, answering questions fans of the genre want to know.

Find Logan Zachary on the web: www.loganzacharydicklit.com

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