Single Parent Edward Kendrick, on Writing, Influences and His Greatest Accomplishment

Edward, I appreciate you taking time to answer some questions for the members of Gay Mystery-Thriller-Suspense Fiction Facebook group;

Let’s start off with, where do you live?

Denver, Denver County, Colorado, United States of America, Continent of North America, Western Hemisphere, the Earth, the Solar System, the Universe, the Mind of God. (Kudos to anyone who knows the source of this quote – minus the Denver through Colorado part)The_Beast_Within-Edward_Kendrick200x300

As you probably know, writers rarely like to toot their own horns…lol, but what would you say is your greatest accomplishment? 

Raising my son. He’s turned out to be a wonderful, loving young man despite the ‘handicap’ (and I use the term loosely) of being brought up by a single parent.

Without getting too personal, would you share a little about your home life?

I have a home life? LOL Since I live alone I spend most of my time either writing, trying to write, and reading, with a daily foray to go to Starbucks for ‘real’ coffee and then take a long walk if the weather permits.

Can you share what inspires and challenges you most in your writing? 

What inspires me, as corny as it may sound, it trying to write stories that my readers will enjoy. The challenge is to make characters and situations that are believable within the context of a story, be it reality, paranormal or fantasy.


You have a few gay mystery/thriller series under your belt, such as the Hitman’s Creed and the Winterfield series. How do you sustain serialized, continuing characters that keep readers clamoring for more? 

Oh boy. I’m not sure they’re really clamoring, but… I think it comes down to liking the people I write, no matter what their flaws may be. Then, once they’re created, taking them into another story in the series, even on a peripheral basis, so the readers can see how they’ve moved on and hopefully grown in the process.

Do you fly by the seat of your pants when writing or plot out your storylines in detail?

I definitely write seat of the pants. I may know where I want to go when I start a story—what story I want to tell—but that can change as I go along. I just let the characters do what they want to and with luck it all works out. Of course, when a mystery is involved I have to work on solving it and to that extent I do plot out the story. How it gets to the end depends on what happens as I go along. Even to the point of killing off a main character if I feel it needs to happen, as I did in ‘The Beast Within’.


You recently released the This Gift, This Curse, a gay romantic mystery. As with this novel and others you have written, you have included paranormal and supernatural elements with some of the characters. What has influenced you to include often challenging characters? 

If there’s no challenge in a—or for a—character why bother writing about them? I do have a soft spot for street kids and the homeless in general. I like to see them overcome the difficulties that brought them to that point to begin with. That said, adding in the necessity to deal with some paranormal aspect of their lives, the way Will had to in ‘This Gift…’ just adds another layer to the character.

Have had you ever had to deal with homophobia after your gay novels are released, and if so, what forms has it taken?

I’ve been very lucky in that respect. I’ve never been called down for writing gay novels. Even my family accepts that I do.

Which living actor would you cast to play your protagonist, Glenn Tanner, from the Hitman’s Creed series (which is my favorite series of yours)?


This is difficult because I don’t watch movies or TV on anything close to a regular basis. (I don’t even own a TV – LOL) That said, the first name that came to mind is Jason Stratham. Somehow I can see him being able to handle Glenn’s basic hardness, and his growing awareness that he can be more than he thinks he can be if he allows himself to open up to the possibility of love.y

You recently released The Actor & The Thief, with Wilde City Press, which I am currently reading. As I’ve come to greatly enjoy with several of your novels and novellas, the protagonists are complicated, rough around the edges and not exactly law abiding, instantly capturing the readers’ interest making them want to know more. Can you share with us a little about the plot with our readers?

The plot of ‘The Actor and the Thief’? Basically it’s about two men, a life-long burglar, Craig, who has just been released from prison, and Adam, the man he loved many years ago, who is an actor. Twenty years after they broke up, they run into each other again when Craig returns to Denver to get the money he’s stashed away from his jobs. Someone else wants Craig’s ill-gotten gains and will stop at nothing to get them from him. At first, Adam wants nothing to do with Craig, but eventually he agrees to help him out. Then it comes down to, can the two men stop whoever is after Craig, and in the process will their love be rekindled or will they go their separate ways again.

On behalf of the Facebook Gay Mystery-Thriller-Suspense Fiction Group, thank you for giving us a little of your time today, answering questions fans of the genre want to know.

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  1. Awesome job both of you! I love Edward’s work and just discovering Jon Michaelsen. Thank you for letting us “know” Edward just a little better.

  2. Thank you so much, Hurri! I have enjoyed getting to know so many writers since starting my weekly Author Interview Series and sharing their interviews with members of the Gay Mystery-Thriller-Suspense-Fiction facebook group. Enjoy!

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