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Ethan Stone 101

It really should be a college course since I am so very interesting. Okay, not really. This isn’t about me but it is basic information on the characters who have appeared in my mystery and thriller novels.

Cristian Flesh and Colby Maddox: In the Flesh/Flesh & Blood—Cristian is a detective with the Reno police department who uses rules to keep people from getting too close. He likes sex, but only anonymous hook ups, until he gets in trouble and meets Colby Maddox. Colby represents Cristian in a murder case but they fall for each other and Colby challenges Cristian to break his rules. Cristian is charged with the murder of a man he slept with who was also the ex-lover of a televangelist. The story doesn’t end with Cristian being cleared and he has to find the real killer and deal with his feelings for Colby.


In Book 2, Cristian investigates the murder of a young hustler and is forced to deal with memories he’d rather stay hidden. After the case is solved Cristian faces his past head on, which means a very unhappy family reunion. Colby is at his side the entire time.

Gabe Vargas and Drew Bradley: Blood and Tears—Gabe is a supporting character in the first two Flesh books and Cristian makes appearances in this story as well. Gabe is taken into FBI protection when he survives an attempt on his life by a serial killer. FBI agent Drew Bradley grew up with a very religious mother and never dealt with his desires for men, until he meets Gabe. Gabe and Drew have to navigate their feelings as well as more attempts on Gabe’s life.

Jack Coleman and Derek Malone: Wolf Moon—Jack Coleman finds his life in a mess when he discovers that he is a werewolf and so are his boyfriend and best buddy. Jack isn’t just any werewolf he is one of great power, a born leader. Jack and Derek have to figure out who wants to stop Jack from taking charge of the pack.

Surviving Sin City

Kaleb Pierce and Cooper Lockwood: Zombie Boyz/Surviving Sin City (Written with Daniel Kaine)—Las Vegas native Kaleb Pierce and Cooper Lockwood are thrown together when Vegas turns into a zombie bloodbath. They don’t get along but rely on each other to survive and can’t ignore a sexual attraction, even when their lives are in danger.


Luke Kincaid and Ben Skinner: Subject 13—Childhood friends Luke and Ben reconnect when Luke tries to stop his ex-boyfriend, Shane, from getting married. Luke fails but he and Ben become friends again. Luke soon finds himself drawn to Ben, who he assumes is straight, while also dealing with the return of childhood nightmares. Luke is thrilled when Ben admits he is bi and has feelings for Luke, but at the same time he learns his nightmares are repressed memories. Luke and Ben find themselves in the middle of a government conspiracy and have to hide from an assassin out to kill Luke.

I will be getting the rights to Subject 13 back soon and will be republishing it with several plot changes.

Linc Carpenter and Brady Williams: Bartender, PI: Disgraced hockey player Linc Carpenter moves to Florida to work at his mentor’s bar but wants something more. He becomes a private investigator and is hired to prove a wealthy fashion designer is cheating on his wife. Bodyguard Brady Williams stands in Linc’s way, well, Brady and Linc’s incompetence. When the case becomes dangerous, Linc realizes all isn’t what it seems and he has to find a way to prove the truth.

I will be getting the rights to Bartender, PI back soon and will be republishing it with only minor changes.


Jason Holt and Quinn Reynolds: Past Tense—Jason has been running from his past for years and hired PI Quinn Reynolds to help him deal with it once and for all. Quinn protects Jason and finds himself drawn to a man for the first time since the death of his lover. Jason is shocked to learn that not only do demons exist but Quinn and his family are hunters. Jason and Quinn have to navigate the world of the paranormal as well as their feelings for each other.

Daniel “Kash” Kashaveroff, Cody Ives and Zane Davis: Compromised, Uniformity, Bk 1—Kash and Zane are correctional officers at a maximum security prison, a place where its dangerous to admit being gay. They begin a no strings attached relationship but it turns to more, despite Zane’s growing bond with Inmate Cody Ives. Kash and Zane try a committed relationship, but Zane finds it too difficult. Kash helps prove Cody is innocent, but then the real killer comes after both of them.

Zane Davis and Brett Emerson—Damaged, Uniformity, Bk 2—Zane falls hard over heels for Brett, a coworker. He is stunned that for the first time he wants to commit to a man, but Brett is reluctant to get close because of a traumatic event in his past. Zane discovers a prison conspiracy and ends up suspended. Zane and Brett work together to expose the truth.


Dylan Hoss and Joey Campbell—Recruited, Uniformity, Bk 3(Due out in April)—Inmate Dylan Hoss has no problem getting blow jobs from fellow prisoners, but doesn’t consider himself gay. New roommate Joey Campbell makes him question things when it becomes more than sex and Dylan falls for him. He is devastated when Joey disappears from his life but thrilled when he gets an early release. Life on the streets isn’t easy when Dylan ends up being recruited by the FBI to help bring down an eco-terrorist.

Jake Sullivan, Garrett Townsend and Nathaniel Colt: Through the Eyes of Evil (Work in progress)—Jake Sullivan is plagued with nightmares that appear to be psychic visions. Nathaniel Colt is the detective investigating murders that don’t appear to be linked until Jake comes to him. Garrett Townsend is the man they both fall for.

Ethan Stone is becoming a duck once again. After more than a decade away from the soggy state of Oregon he is back in his home state. He used to have a day job where he wore a sexy uniform work, now he can wear whatever he wants to work as he attempts to see if this writing thing can support his Mt. Dew addiction.


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