UPDATE: Working Through a Personal Crisis

April 17, 2016 – By now most of you know my husband and I came home to a flooded house Monday afternoon. I’ve received so many PMs of condolences, questions, offers of help, etc., and I thought the best way to update everyone is to share what happened and next steps for us and our four terriers.

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FIRST and FOREMOST, we and the dogs are fine; Rick and I were not home at the time of the flood and our dogs were on the top floor sleeping in their beds when a water supply line beneath the master bath sink ruptured. Water flowed rapidly for approximately three hours. We were out with a client and got a call from our alarm security company advising that our basement level motion detector had been tripped, setting off the alarm. Arriving home (same time as police), we opened the front door and immediately knew something had happened because water was overflowing the upper floor balcony onto the hardwoods of the living room. Rick rushed to the main water cut-off to stop the flow.

DSCF7006We had our upper floor remodeled 11 months ago; apparently there was either a faulty water supply line connection beneath one of the master bath sinks, or the contractor installed the connection improperly; either way, our home was damaged on three levels; the main level kitchen, pantry, breakfast room, dining room, part of the living room, upstairs master bedroom, master closet one guest bedroom, upper floor hallway, and our finished basement where there is a family den and our home-office space where Rick and I run our business. All electronics, computers, laser printers, color printer, fax/scanner, large partner desk set up with two opposite work surfaces and bookcases (where all my most precious clothbound, print books were kept), matching wood filing cabinets and bookcases were ruined. Part of the den was destroyed. We’ve lost so much furniture it would be easier to list what didn’t get destroyed than what got ruined!

We have insurance, so no worries there. Adjuster already visited and set our minds at ease. Basically, our plans to remodel the main level of our home to create an open floor-plan this summer, is suddenly upon us!


As you can image, we’re exhausted from walking, climbing, tip-toeing, and stepping over all the water remediation dryers and dehumidifiers that by the time our heads hit the pillows, its lights out! I’m a little OCD (okay, more than a little) and can’t stand a dirty room, much less an entire house as the result of demolition dust, flying pieces of insulation and carpeting fibers. We literally are now living in two rooms; a small bedroom with full bath on the upper most level where the water didn’t reach, and most of the main level living room; in the kitchen, we have use/access to the refrigerator, dishwasher and sink. All kitchen cabinets were destroyed. Our possessions were either destroyed or got packed by movers Thursday and taken to dry storage. Rick located temporary office space and we’re setting up our business there and have purchased two laptops, multi-function print, router, server and modem to at least allow us to run our property management business.

We have decided to remain in our home verses relocating to temporary housing because of our dogs. Those who are pet owners/lovers will understand completely when I say that we put our babies first. Their ages are 15, 13, 10 and 6. The older dogs are so set in their ways and routine that relocating them would cause more trauma than they have experienced thus far. We also want to be here with our remaining possessions and to oversee work the contractors will be performing. Everything we lost can be replaced excerpt perhaps some of my most treasured books, though I’ve already received multiple offers from the authors of said books, and others to help replace those ruined. I’ll be compiling an inventory shortly and will make it available to anyone who would like. We don’t need any funds. Rick and I have been debt-free for almost five years now (our main goal when I lost my job of almost 20 years with American Express during the great recession in 2009) and we have that rainy day fund you’ve always been advised to have.


Thank you all so, so much for your thoughts, prayers, concerns and well-wishes.

For obvious reasons, my writing time has been suspended. I’ll not be able to get back to working on the second Kendall Parker Mystery until late spring or early summer. I am truly sorry that you will have to wait a little longer to find out why the FBI insists the only man qualified for a risky undercover assignment aimed at luring in the homicidal maniac of young men in Atlanta is Sgt. Kendall Parker, the disgraced detective recently branded a faggot by the APD and forced out of the department. In the meantime, the first mystery in the series, Pretty Boy Dead, is still available in e-book and print.


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