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Gremlins in my Laptop


Thanks for having me on your blog, Jon! Hi to all the readers out there. I’m Anastasia Rabiyah and I write dark fantasy and erotic romance in many cross genres. I’m going to focus on the big October release for all my gremlin authors and me. Most everyone knows what a gremlin is. That nasty little bugger that sneaks into our laptops, our emails, our car engines, and anything else we don’t want to take the blame for, and chews up the wiring and the magic things that make our mechanical doodads work. Some people think of them as cute and fuzzy, or maybe green with sharp teeth and fangs. No matter what, they cause trouble!


Gremlins are all trapped inside this new print anthology cleverly titled: Gremlins An Anthology which comes out this Halloween from Seven stories by seven talented authors of dark fantasy that will change the way you envision these nasty little critters—or maybe not. There are some cute ones, some that need to be shot, and some that will lure you into a dark place to have their way with you—okay, that would be mine. She’s quite the seductress.


When author S.D. Grady first suggested this rather unusual idea to write erotic romance themed with gremlins, I was intrigued. I love paranormal baddies and anything mythical or fantastic in nature, so I jumped on the project. Being a recovering gamer—yes, it’s an addiction—I used my fascination with golems to weave a tale of coming of age and dark secrets for my gremlin tale, Hiram’s Secret. What gremlin wouldn’t want to tear apart a mechanical golem and destroy it? In my story, Hiram, an ambitious young man, runs away from his village, hoping to start a new life, find a beautiful bride, and make something of himself other than a poor pig farmer. Hiram crosses the forbidden boundary into another plane where everything is not all it seems to be. Soon enslaved by the grim Lord Beorolf, Hiram finds his hopes dashed…until he sees a mysterious pair of eyes watching him from the cell across the way.  


Several authors stepped up to the plate to add to the gremlin magic. Dawné Dominique’s tale, Bonamy & Clyde, takes a cold, strong willed woman and turns her world upside down with a little help from a gremlin all in the name of love. Bret Jordan spins some medieval magic when a forest witch weaves a seductive spell over a hunter, luring him away from his beloved bride. When he resists, the witch enlists the aid of vile, little gremlin. Cerise Amour’s gremlins are companions to their humans, but their mischief brings hero and heroine close together in a heated moment of passion which gets them both into trouble. Dahlia Rose’s gremlins are a large scale infestation that needs to be eradicated by a New York cop and a band of paranormal hunters. Crymsyn Hart’s gremlin is a cursed creature with many faces in need of a woman who can free him. And S.D. Grady weaves a tale of horror and glamour in her seductive theatre show gone wrong.


I’ve always had a fascination with fantasy. As a child I brought home critters of all kinds from toads to lizards. I guess the way I see it, the gnarly looking creatures are just misunderstood. They need love too. Readers will find a new twist in every gremlin included in this beautiful book. It is my hope too that Gremlins An Anthology will be a cherished keepsake with its unique interior flourishes and decorations. Adult fantasy lovers will fall hard for this creative work packed with darkness, whimsy, and sexual tension enough to make a laptop overheat.


If you can’t wait to get your hands on our gremlins, the book is available for pre-order at 20% off the publisher’s retail price. Click over to to reserve yours now. Gremlins is also available from and any major bookstore. If you’d like to taste-test it before you buy, check out the free mini read available at the publisher’s website and see if you’re brave enough to step into the darkness.


Readers who want to find out more about me can stop by my website at where I have lots of pages of interesting goodies, from e-books to free online jigsaw puzzles.


Much love to all,

Anastasia Rabiyah

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