Happy Four Year Anniversary to the Gay Mystery-Thriller-Suspense Fiction Facebook group!

To help celebrate my four-year anniversary of the Gay Mystery-Thriller-Suspense Fiction Facebook group, autographed copies of selected Gay & Lesbian mystery novels will be offered up to our devoted members who each will have a chance to win via drawings! Twenty authors and Matthew Moore’s of Buy More Books, have contributed over 50 books to give away!!

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How Do I Enter to Win?

Easy – just watch for a notice posted in the group of a selected Autographed Copy featuring the title of the novel with corresponding book cover, and author.

Enter – to enter the drawing, simply provide a one-word comment for the novel you want a chance to win. (“Likes”, etc., will not be considered as entering the drawing since some folks use the feature to acknowledge appreciation for the novel/author featured, etc.)

It’s that simple!

How Long Before Winner Announced? 

That depends. There are over 50 novels to be given away, so I want to give every member in the group a chance to see the drawing notice, so usually three-five days depending on activity and scheduling.

A few rules:

  • Only members of the group can enter the drawing; all members are eligible, including authors – they are readers/fans, too! Since this is a private group, no new members will be added until the Anniversary Celebration drawings are concluded.
  • Members can enter as many drawings as you like, but keep in mind, the goal here is to award as many members as possible so multiple-winning members may be avoided unless participation in each drawing dictates differently.
  • Please do not forward the announcement of the drawings to non-members; they are not eligible. Though I welcome new members to the group, this 4-year birthday celebration is to thank all the current loyal membership.
  • Non-USA contiguous/Canada winners will receive e-book alternative due to postage costs. Gay Mystery-Thriller-Suspense Fiction is a non-revenue, fan-based group and does not have the funds for postage.
  • Substitutes may not be available.

Titles Provided by Buy Moore Books (Matthew Moore):

Jackson Square Jazz – Greg Herren

(2) Mardi Gras Mambo – Greg Herren

Bourbon Street Blues – Greg Herren

Murder in the Rue Delphine – Greg Herren

Flight Dreams – Michael Craft

Bitch Slap – Michael Craft

Shock to the System – Richard Stevenson

Third Man Out – Richard Stevenson

Death Trick – Richard Stevenson

Why Stop at Vengeance- Richard Stevenson

(2) Lat Your Sleeping Head – Michael Nava

The Death of a Constant Lover – Lev Raphael

Assault with a Deadly Lie – Lev Raphael

An Echo of Death – Mark Zubro

Filmed to Death – Meg Perry

No Escape – Nancy Sanra

Titles Donated by the Authors:

(2) Prince of the Sea – Jon Michaelsen

(2) Pretty Boy Dead – Jon Michaelsen

(1) Time’s Rainbow: Writing Ourselves Back into American History (Volume 1)– ed; Lori L Lake & Christopher Hawthorne Moss

Last Room on the Cliff’s Edge – Mark McNease

Death by Pride – Mark McNease

Rainey Bell Mystery series – any one copy of the six Rainey Bell Mysteries – R. E. Bradshaw

The Couple Next Door – Rick R. Reed

Genuine Gold – Ann Aptaker

The Laconic Lumberjack (A Nick Williams Mystery – Book 4) – Frank W Butterfield

Hidden Identity – (The Jimmy McSwain Files – Book 1) – Adam Carpenter

Calvin’s Head – David Swatling

(2) A Very Public Eye (Book Two in The Public Eye Mystery Series) – Lori L. Lake

You Can Never Walk Away – Edward Kendrick

Body on Pine – Joseph R. G. DeMarco

Cited to Death – Meg Perry

Stacked to Death – Meg Perry

Researched to Death – Meg Perry

Boystown: Three Nick Nowack Mysteries – Marshall Thornton

Lay Your Sleeping Head – Michael Nava

Fever in the Dark: A Jane Lawless Mystery – Ellen Hart

(2) False Confessions (Doug Orlando Mystery – Book 1) – Steve Neil Johnson

(2) Final Atonement (Doug Orlando Mystery – Book 2) – Steve Neil Johnson

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