Reluctant Sleuth Kevin Connor Is Worth Reading!

First You Fall (Kevin Connor Mystery #1)First You Fall by Scott Sherman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finally finished this book after it’s been on my self for awhile; not sure why I began reading the story last year and stopped (got distracted and one thing led to another, and you get the idea) – BUT, that being said, I really enjoyed this first novel from Scott Sherman.

Kevin – call boy/male prostitute is our reluctant sleuth. Kevin Connor, or Kevvy, according to the closeted (hot!) cop, who was also Kevvy’s former first-love. Kevin has AADD, and at times, creates a source of comedy. He’s always reminding himself to “focus, Kevin, focus!”

Problem is, Kevin really cared for a client of his who tossed himself off a balcony – or so it would seem, but Kevin doesn’t believe his friend would take his own life. Enter a bevy of characters, both large and small, who make this novel shine and a riot at times.

I liked the mystery – and yes, I figured out who the killer was before the ending, but that didn’t detract from my joy of the novel. The ending seemed a little rushed since many facts came together at once, but the pull and tug of Kevin’s on again-off again relationship with the hunky detective drove this novel and assures there’s more to come. I’m looking forward to the next chapter, er, novel, from Mr. Sherman.

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