Kendall Parker Mysteries

The Deadwood Murders (a Kendall Parker Mystery – Book 2)


A mutilated conventioneer.

A trail of bodies with the same grim signature.

Gay men brutally tortured before death.

Homicide Detective Kendall Parker isn’t sure he wants to return to the police force. His last case ended with the arrest of an innocent man for murder, and his long-time homicide partner was killed in the process. Still on leave from APD, Sgt. Parker has gotten sober, smoke-free, and is rebuilding a life alone.

But, the arrival of a brazen killer cuts short Parker’s sabbatical. His new homicide commander summons him to police headquarters with a direct plea from the mayor: go undercover with the FBI to flush out the predator. With the gay community under siege, Parker must prowl Atlanta’s gay bars and late-night dance clubs as bait in hopes of luring the killer.

Award-winning Investigative reporter Calvin Slade is also on the trail. Aided by a hotshot young reporter, Slade soon uncovers a horrifying clue law enforcement has kept from the public. But, chasing the hottest story of his career may put him directly in the path a savage beast.


PRETTY BOY DEAD (a Kendall Parker Mystery – Book 1)

** Lambda Literary Awards Finalist – Gay Mystery **

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A murdered male stripper.
A missing go-go dancer.

When the mangled body of a young gay man is discovered in a popular Atlanta park, advocacy groups converge on City Hall demanding justice. Media are quick to pin the brutal homicide on a drug-addicted, homeless teen. Atlanta Detective Sgt. Kendall Parker isn’t so convinced, even after the suspect assaults his homicide partner with a deadly weapon. But the investigation takes a disastrous turn, and a suspect in custody ends up dead.

It becomes a race against time for the veteran detective to solve the apparent gay-bashing, but when a tenacious reporter threatens to expose a police cover-up, Parker is forced to make an impossible choice: stand firm for justice or betray the brotherhood in blue.

The odds against him, Parker will need to rely on his keen instinct and experience as a streetwise cop to catch a brutal killer. Yet success often comes at a price, and for Parker, it may mean having to reveal his most closely guarded secret.





2 thoughts on “Kendall Parker Mysteries

  1. I visit your site every week or so to check if The Deadwood Murders is coming soon. Today I clicked on the preorder button and the link is dead. Do you have a date for the release of this book yet?

    1. Sharon, did I respond to you? I had to remove the link because the release had to be delayed because of my husband’s health; we’re back on schedule now. Release date in August 2019! Thanks for your interest!!

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