My Sexy Erotic Thriller Continues as Best Seller Run!

False Evidence continues to do well, thank you so much to the awesome readers! Best Seller: 7 weeks running!
Gay Murder Mystery – Top 5
Gay Thriller – Top 25

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All Romance eBooks – 7 weeks running!
Gay Mystery – Top 15
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Gay/Lesbian Excerpts Blog features False Evidence Excerpt!

Great news! My new novella, False Evidence, is featured at Gay/Lesbian Fiction Excerpts website today!!!

Click the link to check out an excerpt and see why Amos Lassen says False Evidence is a “romance and mystery…(and) Michaelsen has written quite a book here and once I began, I did not leave my chair until I closed the covers”..!!!

5 Stars! False Evidence Reviewed By Author, Ryan Field


Author, Ryan Field, has written a reivew of my latest release, False Evidence, for and Goodreads:

I had a chance to read “Murder Most Deadly 1: False Evidence,” by m/m fiction author, Jon Michaelsen, last week. It’s a m/m romance novella, with a mystery/suspense theme that revolves around the main character’s infatuation with an extremely attractive young man who lives in an adjacent building. The book is set in Atlanta, where some of my favorite books of all time have been set (“Peachtree Road” by Anne Rivers Siddens).

I hate to write reviews like this because I’m always worried I’ll give out a spoiler, and with a book like this, almost anything I say could ruin something for the reader. So I’ll try to keep it short and ambiguous, and focus more on how I felt while I as reading the book.

When I started reading, I obviously expected a murder mystery. But it’s a little tricky at first, because there’s an interesting set up that involves a little harmless voyeurism, a hot young guy, and a decent young guy who seems lonely. In fact, the lonely guy almost seems to have self-esteem issues. But only he feels this way. I felt that he underestimated himself in more ways than one. And I immediately started to cheer him on as the book progressed. I like this in any book, where I start to feel emotionally invested in the character. I wanted to see him change.

And he did change. In more ways than I expected. There are some erotic scenes that are handled very well. Nothing that I would consider over-the-top, but in the same respect they were arousing…both emotionally and physically. I’ve been let down before, but not this time. And this is why I wound up reading the book in one sitting when I should have been doing something else.

Another reason I wound up reading it in full that night was because there was a ring of reality I don’t see often enough. I have known characters like this in real life, where they get involved with someone thinking it’s all going to be innocent and it winds up becoming something they never expected. I honestly can’t say anything more than this because I would ruin the book for other people. But this shit happens to gay guys all the time. In fact, it almost happened to me once. And though I wish I could explain in more detail, it wouldn’t be fair.

In the end, just when I started to feel there was no hope left, something interesting happened that made me feel so much better. No details because that would ruin the ending. But I will say that I’m looking forward to the sequel to find out what happens. The main character is someone I won’t forget, nor will I forget his complicated situation. And that doesn’t happen often to me.

Amos Lassen’s Review my new novella, “False Evidence”

Amos Lassen
Amos Lassen
Romance and Mystery

Amos Lassen

One of the things I love about reviewing is meeting new propel even if only by their writing. Jon Michaelsen was kind enough to make a comment on a review I did of Lambda Award winner, David Lennon so I decided to find out more about him and sure enough, he is also a writer and has a new book coming out (which is the subject of this review). When you read as much as I do, it is always fun to read something from someone that you never have read before.

“False Evidence: Murder Most Deadly 1” is interesting in that it is both a romance and a mystery and Michaelsen has created a fascinating character in Kevin Mitchell, an accountant who is bored with his job. He dreams about and lusts after Tony, who lives in the building next to his and before Kevin realizes it, he is obsessed with him. Then Tony surprises Kevin by coming to his apartment, bruised and bloody. Kevin helps him and shows him to his bed. However, (there is always a “however”), something is strange and when the police arrive we learn that all is not what it appears to be. The police are searching for a violent murderer and here is where I have to be careful not to give anything away.

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