UPDATE: New Releases, Re-releases and Current WIPs

Many of you know my former publisher, loveyoudivine, closed its doors for good June 30, 2013 and I had to move quickly to figure out a plan for my published titles and future works. I needed to wait until the rights for FALSE EVIDENCE (Murder Most Deadly I) and SWITCH HITTER returned to me before looking for a new publisher. I have found a wonderful publisher who not only agreed to re-release these novellas, but also offer re-editing and new covers.

The re-release of SWITCH HITTER, a sexy erotic thriller novella co-written with author, Alex Morgan, was released by my new publisher, Wilde City Press (http://www.wildecity.com/books/gay-erotica/switch-hitter/#.Ug7CiO7D_IU) this week, which you can pick up currently at their website, and in a couple weeks at other fine etailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, and others. SwitchHitter_cvr-FINAL

For those curious about the sequel to FALSE EVIDENCE (Murder Most Deadly I), I am happy to report that I have signed a contract to release both parts I and II with Wilde City Press. After much discussion with my editor, we’ve decided to release both parts combined in one novel with the title, MURDER MOST DEADLY. In fact, my current WIP is the second and final portion of FALSE EVIDENCE, which we are targeting for release later this year. I will keep you updated via my blogs here, GoodReads, Amazon, Lazy Beagle Entertainment

False Evidence: Murder Most Deadly 1
False Evidence: Murder Most Deadly 1

(http://www.lazybeagleentertainment.com/murder-most-deadly-1–false-evidence.html), as well as on Facebook and share the new cover with you as soon as I am able.

More exciting news! I have also signed a contract to release my debut full-length novel, PRETTY BOY DEAD, the first in a planned series with Wilde City Press (http://www.wildecity.com/). Check out the first peak of the blurb at Lazy Beagle Entertainment: (http://www.lazybeagleentertainment.com/pretty-boy-dead.html).

Though straddled with a little setback this year, I’m really excited about my upcoming releases and new projects. Once I have finished with my current WIP, I plan to finish PRINCE of the SEA, which is a southern gay romance set in the beautiful coastal town of Tybee Island, Georgia, and includes a supernatural element that I’ve really enjoyed writing. Of course, in keeping with my style the story does include a mysterious and thrilling theme.

Update About My Books and Writing



I wanted to take a moment and let you know what is happening with my previously released novellas, SWITCH HITTER (co-written with Alex Morgan) and FALSE EVIDENCE: MURDER MOST DEADLY I.

Many of you know that my publisher, loveyoudivine (LYD) shuttered its doors the last day of June 2013. Therefore, both titles, as well as the MEN anthology (which included my short-story, VOYEUR) were removed from all e-book purchasing websites. I will forever be grateful to Claudia Regenos, publisher of loveyoudivine for taking a chance on me and publishing my writing, not to mention my cover artist, Dawne Dominique and editor, Dalia Craig.falseevidence_SM

The good news is very soon both novellas, SWITCH HITTER and FALSE EVIDENCE have found a new home! In the next few weeks, both will be re-released by Wilde City Press (www.wildecitypress.com). Each will receive a new book cover and be re-edited to ensure the best quality possible. As soon as I receive the new covers and release dates, I’ll post them here, via my Goodreads blog (http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1702208.Jon_Michaelsen/blog) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/jon.michaelsen), so stay tuned!!


Beware Of Bad Editorial Advice Out On The Web

I often find that popular author, Ryan Field – who has more than two decades experience in the publishing industry – features insightful blog-posts for aspiring writers out there.

Check out his latest posting about the pitfalls of following free advice offered to writers plastered all over the web. Looks can be deceiving…


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Ryan Field’s New Release – Something For St. Jude

New Release from loveyoudivine by author Ryan Field:


Every man has that one special moment he’ll never forget.


Jude Franklin lives a quiet conservative life in a small town in Wyoming. He’s head librarian, lives at home with his aging mother, and is terrified he’ll wind up like his spinster aunt…Poor Patty Ann. Though it’s too late for Jude to be considered a virgin, he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life alone. The trouble is the one guy in town he’s attracted to is a handsome young library patron who also happens to work on a ranch on the edge of town. Only Jude knows he can’t have him, so he makes a drastic move and books a summer vacation on one of those gay cruise ships he’s read about millions of times. Little did he know love was waiting for him in the most unusual place, and he had to travel halfway around the world to figure it out.

My Sexy Erotic Thriller Continues as Best Seller Run!

False Evidence continues to do well, thank you so much to the awesome readers!

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