Available Again – Prince of the Sea by Jon Michaelsen

A gay paranormal mystery/suspense novella

2017 BEST GAY MEN’S FICTION AWARDG/G Goodreads’ Reading Group


Chapter Two

A lone gnat buzzed about Jonathan’s face. He swiped the air in frustration, more at Paul than with irritation at the pest. He had agitated the insect, which fought to escape and yet managed to fly up his nostril. He plugged the side of his nose and tried to flush the pest without success. Finally, and with apprehension, he swallowed to clear his throat.

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Driven by need deeper than thirst, Jonathan ducked inside through the doorway of the single-story cottage and crossed the threshold to the parlor of the west wing, filled with nautical trimmings and reproduced coastal collections. He tore past the cold fireplace and a sofa draped with an old patchwork quilt. The antique double-door bar cabinet nestled in the far corner reminded him of the days his mother had carted him through the vintage shops peppering the Southeastern Coast. In spite of his mood, he smiled at the memories. He snatched a fresh bottle of booze from the shelf below, tossed a couple cubes of ice into his glass, and filled it half-full of scotch.

Jonathan slugged the beverage, refilled his glass, and then shuffled to the floor-to-ceiling windows facing inland. He thought about being stood up by Paul, the knot in his chest traveling up his neck like a hand closing around his throat. Typical. Paul had become more distant of late and the excuses he tried to pass off seemed contrived at best. They were nearing the end of the relationship, perhaps. Jonathan didn’t know anymore, and it drove him crazy.

Stop with the melodramatics, Jonathan chided himself as he sipped his drink and stepped out onto the porch again. He set his cocktail on the railing, reached high above his head, and stretched his arms before crossing them over his chest and gripping his shoulders. The ocean breeze caressed him as he watched the waves rolling in, whitecaps bustling with the fury of stampeding cattle before crashing headlong into shore. Why did it bother him this much? Should he be surprised Paul chose career goals over their relationship yet again? Jonathan should have seen it coming months ago, but he’d ignored the signs, desperate to rekindle the passion slipping away after years of happiness.

A large cargo ship sailed in line of the horizon. Seagulls and pelicans floated along the shoreline searching for food. Jonathan dreamed of a relationship devoid of friction and financial strain, absent of business dinners filled with false hope and weekend interruptions. He savored his career as a successful scriptwriter, but he abhorred the Hollywood lifestyle.

His drink empty, Jonathan began to turn when something caught his eye. Glancing beyond the beach, he scanned the ocean’s surface searching the whitecaps. Someone was bobbing and swirling about in wide circular motions, dipping beneath the waves and resurfacing. Jonathan observed the head and shoulders of a man who seemed to be struggling to remain above the surface. Adrenaline shot through him like a bullet and panic clutched his chest.

He’s in trouble!

Jonathan scanned the beach for help. A few beachcombers walked in either direction along the sand, some strolling hand in hand, as others huddled in groups with a child or two darting out from the pack to race toward the water’s edge. No one seemed to notice the swimmer in distress. Most followed their downcast eyes, searching the beach for the ocean’s treasures washed up in the tide.


Jonathan raced toward the water’s edge and kicked off his loafers, flailing his arms and screaming trying to attract attention. He ripped off his shirt as he ran, the fabric falling behind in the sand. Pausing to strip off his slacks, he trudged into the sea.

Waves battered him in violent succession, pushing him back, forcing him to lift his knees high to stab his feet into the water to stay righted. When the water reached his hips, Jonathan dove headlong into the churning surf. The smack of cold water against his face and chest sobered him as he pinwheeled his arms through the strong current toward the struggling swimmer.

Where did he go? Jonathan eased up to get his bearings, dogpaddling around and looking for the man. He called out, “Can you hear me? I’m here to help.” He swiveled his head back and forth, searching for the swimmer.

I’ve gone too far, he thought. Jonathan whipped around, turning back toward the beach. The cottage stood farther up the beach than his current position. Fearing the swimmer had disappeared beneath the surface, Jonathan ducked below the water and aimed his body deep, opening his eyes to take a quick peek. The sting of the saltwater forced his lids shut and he retreated.

Jonathan angled his body upward and kicked his feet hard against the strong current. Reaching the surface proved elusive, as the undertow sucked him down. Disoriented and terrified, his lungs begging for air, Jonathan clawed at the wall of seawater to no avail. No matter where he aimed, he couldn’t find the surface. The harder he fought the farther down he sank. Desperate for oxygen, his heart pounding, Jonathan’s life flashed before him.

Is this it? Am I doomed to be another tragic drowning?

Jonathan drifted into a quiet calm from lack of air, his thoughts a random jumble. Why had he charged forth in the first place, foolish considering all the alcohol? What about Paul? Would he be stunned to learn of his death, perhaps feel guilty about refusing to join him sooner? Would his family ever forgive his carelessness?

His chest compressed, expressing the last bit of air from his lungs. He wrestled an onslaught of convulsions as brackish seawater invaded his nose and mouth, his lungs. Arms and legs became lead. He lashed out, each stroke pulling him down until he finally hit the ocean floor.

The undertow snatched him away as his awareness waned. He lashed out in a futile attempt to right himself but grasped onto something slick and supple instead. His fingers slid over the soft object.


Something large and powerful slammed into him from behind. He felt an incredible tug against his body, a whoosh that snapped him back like a bungee cord before he blacked out.


Island myth, or guarded secret…destiny lures Jonathan home.

Jonathan’s ten-year relationship with Paul has lost its spark, so in a last-ditch effort to rekindle the passion they once shared, Jonathan rents a seaside cottage in his boyhood hometown; Tybee Island, Georgia, a quaint, tiny coastal islet he abandoned more than a decade or so ago.
But, the romantic surprise backfires royally when his partner rushes off to woo a high-profile client in Chicago, leaving Jonathan alone and broken-hearted. While killing his pain with loads of alcohol the afternoon of his arrival on the beach, nothing seems to ease the gut-wrenching pain.
That’s when Jonathan notices a swimmer caught in a riptide, desperate to stay afloat. Without hesitation, the west coast transplant races to the water’s edge, trudging through seawater before diving headlong into the raucous surf. Soon, he too, falls victim to the fierce undertow, struggling to reach the surface and fearing the worst.
Then a mighty force slams into him from behind, causing him to blackout. When he regains consciousness, Jonathan realizes he is surrounded by horrified beachcombers, all staring at his half-naked body.
How did Jonathan get to shore?
What happened to the drowning man?
And, who is the mysterious old woman gaping at him from afar?

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About Jon Michaelsen

Jon Michaelsen is a writer of fiction in the mystery, suspense and thriller genres. 
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A born southerner born near the Chattahoochee River, his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia when he was a young boy; where he remains today. His debut mystery novel, Pretty Boy Dead, was selected as a Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award in Gay Mystery. He is currently writing the second Kendall Parker Mystery, The Deadwood Murders, expected in early 2019.
He lives with his husband of 32 years and two monstrous terriers.

Contact him: Michaelsen.jon@gmail.com

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Genre, e-publishing, and books, books, e-books — oh my!

This week, please welcome multi-talented, multi-genre author, Jude Mason!


A couple of topics that have been going around a few of the blogs and yahoo groups of late concerning genres— what authors like to write, what readers like to read, and what the market is for all these new multi-genre books coming out in e-book format. Well, of course I have an opinion and I’ll do my best to share it with you. And, I’ll get to plug a few of my own books in the process. Bonus!


As an author, I’ve been told to write what I know.  In my opinion, that doesn’t necessarily mean things I’ve actually done, but things I’ve become interested in for one reason or another as well as the empathy I feel for others. What does that have to do with genres you might ask, well here ya go.


The first book I had published kind of followed the rule. It was about a topic that interested me greatly, at the time. It was called Dance of Submission and was published in 1999 by a now defunct publishing house called Amatory Ink. The next book was a science fiction. I grew up on science fiction: Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov and Mr. Heinlein, to name a few, so I felt pretty good going into that area. After that, I went a little nuts and dove headlong into a BDSM, fetish novel that took me forever to write and involved a topic I had literally no idea about. Anyone ever heard of pony boys? The interest was there. Oh yeah, and I did tons of research, so the book wasn’t bad. Who Races-Who Wins has since been pulled from the cyber shelves and waits for a re-write and a new home. I’ll get there. You’ll love Slither and his lovely wife, Christine.


Since then, I’ve written in just about every genre you can think of that’s got either romance or erotica in there. At the moment, I have a variety of genres available to the readers. Roses Have Thorns is an erotic horror story that will curl your toes.

Jesse’s Homecoming is a lesbian western that begins with Jesse returning home from a weekend of wandering in the hills. She finds her lover, Meg, being brutally raped by an ex-husband she’d escaped from years ago. Jesse fires her gun, wounding the man. Battered and bruised, Meg is sure she’s unlovable. It’s up to Jesse to prove her wrong and to get the monster she’d married sent to prison. 





Yes, Ma’am, a print collection of BDSM novellas of fem-domme fiction at its finest! My publisher, Phaze, was proud to present the novellas of Jude Mason in print. An Acquired Taste, Pink Ribbon, Stage Fright, and Amber’s Toy, plus never before published extras!



Fertile Domain is a gay futuristic book that also includes fem-domme in all its glory. In a world where pollution and greed has pushed humanity to the brink of extinction, fertility is one of the priorities. Men must prove themselves to fertile fems. For those who are lacking, or who cease to please the women, harsh treatment follows. Two new men, Jax and Trev, vie for a place among the elite ‘studs’ of a beautiful fem. Will they succeed, will the love they feel for each other survive?


Then there’s Shoon Joining, a science fiction tale in the style of Spider Robinson, if I do say so myself. Coerced into negotiating with the alien race, the Shoon, Earthman Ambassador Trevor Sloan finds himself tossed into a scenario never before faced. Imprisoned by a corrupt bureaucracy, then rescued by his lover, they fight together, along with the Shoon, to end the ills of humanity.


Shifters and ghosts, mysteries and femdom, the more you mix it up, the more the readers seem to like it. Writing teams are popping up as well, there’s Stella and Audra Price, Alessia Brio and Will Belegon, and don’t forget Jude Mason and Jamie Hill. It seems two can come up with even more interesting genre mixes than a single author.


Check out our Untamed Heart Series, two of which are now available through Total E-Bound, one of the up and coming e-publishers who are putting out amazing products.















Feral Heat, Book one in the series: The scent of a female is a powerful thing. Kai, leader of the cougar clan finds that out the hard way, much to his distress. Can he and his life mate, Aric, find the stolen talisman before it’s too late?

And Bear Combustion, Book two in the series: Fire rages, not only through the forest to threaten the lives of his clan, but in the hearts of Tarek, the leader as well as Inuka, his firey lover and Raven, the stoic companion who secretly adores him. Can the flames of their love survive?


Diversity seems to be the flavor of the day when it comes to e-publishing. Brick and mortar shops are closing because they can’t deal with the print on demand of e-publishers, but I wonder if they’ve really thought about the whys of it? The fan base is shifting. They want variety in their novels. They don’t only want novels either. They want shorter stories they can read in one sitting. When you buy an e-book the cost is less, so much less that readers can afford to try new authors and new genres. The e-publishing industry is growing by leaps and bounds, putting out a plethora of genre busting books to satisfy anyone’s need.


From the readers I’ve spoken to, I get the distinct impression they’re fed up with single genre books. They want variety. They want us to surprise and shock them. As long as there’s a happy ending, or in some cases a happy for now ending, they want it. The more twisted and turned the plots, the more outrageous the genre mix, the better. How to market all these multi-genre books? In the local book store, I have no idea and that’s a large part of their problem. In my opinion, they’re going to have to find a way, or they’re business’ is going to simply go further downhill.


Jon, thanks so much for having me here and letting me spout off to your readers.


– – –

*Jude Mason – Come, explore with me…if you dare*








Total E-Bound



Roses Have Thorns



Jesse’s Homecoming



Yes, Ma’am



Fertile Domain



Shoon Joining



Feral Heat



Bear Combustion



 Where you can find Jude:


Website: http://www.my-haven2001.com/   

Jude’s Blog: http://jude-mason.blogspot.com/

Jude at MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/jude_mason

Custom Erotica Fantasies: http://customeroticafantasies.blogspot.com/   
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This week I welcome multi-published author, Amanda Young, as Guest Blogger!




One of my favorite things about writing M/M romance is the ability to write outside the box. The characters don’t have to be the typical alpha male found in other genres. 


In my opinion, the idea of physical beauty in this day and age is a little skewed. Instead of smooth, flawless skin and gym-toned bodies, I’ve always been drawn to a different sort of man. The kind of man who’s built like a brick sh*thouse and covered in hair. That’s right—Bears. There’s nothing sexier to me than a hairy chest and a solid masculine body. Michael Angelo’s David be damned, I want to explore the allure of brawny men who can bench-press their own weight plus that of their partner.


For my next series, I’m planning to focus on big strapping men with even bigger hearts. There will be Bears, and Otters, and Wolves—oh my. For those of you who don’t know the terminology, I thought I would share some definitions (as I understand them) with you.


  • Admirer – a term that refers to someone who is sexually or romantically attracted to Bears (this term is often used in various communities to describe an outsider who has sexual attraction to people within that community). Also often referred to as a Chaser. Admirers/Chasers can be of any weight, hairy or hairless and any age.
  • Bear – a hairy man with a stocky or heavyset build and facial hair. Can be clean shaven and of any age.
  • Bear run – a gathering or circuit party for Bear/Cub types and their Admirers.
  • Cub – a younger (or younger looking) version of a Bear, typically but not always with a smaller frame. The term is sometimes used to imply the passive partner in a relationship.[10] Can be hairy or hairless.
  • Gobi – A male, often heterosexual, who is often in the company of bears. Likened to a Goldilocks.
  • Daddy bear – is an older guy sometimes looking for a daddy/son relationship with either a younger Bear, Cub, Otter, Wolf or Chaser.
  • Goldilocks – A female, often heterosexual, who is often in the company of bears (a bear’s fag hag).
  • Leatherbear – A bear with a leather fetish.
  • Muscle bear – a muscular version of a Bear. A muscle cub is a younger or smaller, yet muscular, version. Can be hairy or hairless and of any age.
  • Otter – a man who is hairy, but is not large or stocky – typically thinner, or with lean muscle. Slimmer version of a Bear with little pockets of fat like love handles or a tiny gut, but not as lean as a Wolf.
  • Panda bear – a bear of Asian ethnicity. A panda cub is younger version. Usually hairless.
  • Pocket bear – A short Bear.
  • Polar bear – a silver- or white-haired Bear.
  • Wolf – A lean, masculine gay man who is attracted to bears and involved in the bear scene.
  • Woof – A greeting often used when a Bear spots another Bear in public and wants to express physical attraction. He might make a growling noise (“Grrr!”) or say “Woof!”



What would you, the reader, like to see more of in erotic M/M romance? Maybe more overweight characters, or “Average Joe” type heroes. How about little known fetishes, like sploshing or water sports? For every kink you can dream up, there’s someone out there who’s interested. I’d love to hear what readers would like to see more of.



Author Bio:


Amanda Young writes in multiple subgenres, including M/F, M/M, and paranormal romance. The only thing she guarantees is hot ride and a happy ending. To learn more about Amanda’s books, please visit her website: www.AmandaYoung.org



Featured this week is another author of the recently released GREMLINS print anthology, released Halloween day from loveyoudivine.com.  Please join me in welcoming erotic romance author, Cerise Amour.



WHEN YOU HEAR THE WORD GREMLIN, I bet sexy isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, right?  Well, not to me either.  Though, after I thought about the criteria for our Gremlins stories, I knew what I wanted to do, with some help from other media and influences.  I had a snippet of a story involving a princess having a psychic connection to a murderer and that’s as far as it went.  My gremlins came from the idea that people have companions, but not like your typical cat or dog.  I thought, what about a soul bound companion?  Something connected deep to you that they could read your thoughts and you theirs.  What if they felt what you felt?   Then, I saw the movie The Golden Compass.  I’d read the book and well, my gremlins were born. They are called “soul beings.”   


I know, you’re still wondering what makes that sensual or sexy.  Well, that in itself doesn’t.  The fact that the princess is in trouble from this killer who is connected to her and that the captain of the guard has been ordered by her father to find the killer, brings them and their gremlins together.  The gremlins are attracted to one another.  Their feelings, in turn, flow to the captain and the princess.  Adventure ensues and the passion grows. 


Check out the reviews for Fire For Ice:







Ebook ISBN 978-1-60054-231-2
Length: 15,250 words

Genre: Erotic

Category: Dark Fantasy

Rating: Shooting Star

Price: $3.00


Available at www.loveyoudivine.com



Though Fire For Ice is my first published work, I’m looking forward to publishing more.  I have a vampire tale in the works.  Hopefully it will be part of a vampire anthology at loveyoudivine.  It’s not the only story I’ve been working on.  I have a contemporary tale about a female bodyguard and her boss that I hope to have polished and submitted by the first of the year. 


Other things I’m working on include a two-book story about dragon shifters.  I’m also trying my hand at two different westerns tales.  One set in modern day and that other back in the late 1800’s, sometime after the civil war.  Many others I’ve started and working on in spurts. 


And, thanks to one of my lovely reviewers, I am working on a new tale with Callista, Tamir, Torch and Glaze. 


Thank you for reading and thank you, Jon, for having me here this week!




Cerise Amour

Author S.D. Grady offers up this Halloween’s treat…or trick?

Continuing with my Halloween guests dropping in the to sit a spell, please welcome author, S.D. Grady – whose current release, The Silver Scream, also appears in the dark fantasy – print anthology Gremlins – from loveyoudivine. 

Looking for Gremlins with S.D. Grady
Most of the time I’m a pretty romantic creature.  I love a good fairy tale.  My stories are often filled with silk gowns, glittering chandeliers and true love found.
So then, where did such a tale as “The Silver Scream” come from?
Well, one of my favorite TV shows as a kid was Alfred Hitchcock.  You never knew what kind of tale might come from the darkness.  It might be funny, frightening and even contain a bit of a fairy tale.  But I knew each week I would be watching and experiencing that familiar flutter of the stomach…the bit of suspense…the need to see beyond the black corner and face the monster.       

The Silver Scream
The Silver Scream

I am fortunate in that I live in New England.  Halloween is decorated by Mother Nature each and every year.  The yards and streets are carpeting in a blanket of dead leaves.  They crunch under your feet, sending that crisp, unmistakable scent into the air.  The historic graveyards enjoy the autumn sun, only to descend into creepy shadows once the moon rises.  If you ever needed inspiration for a setting for a scary story, New England is the place to come.
Every town center is graced by a white, steepled church several hundred years old…perhaps, the pointed steeples mean to chase those things that linger on the edge of our imaginations back to where they belong.
And then there are the business sections of town.  Often they are the direct descendents of the Industrial Revolution.  Brick buildings line the street, empty shop windows next to newer ones.  You look up and see the love and care the artisans of the 19th Century took in placing each brick.  Arched windows, granite lintels over each portal, elaborate decorations…often crumbling with neglect.  You add the bitter wind of late autumn, the sound of leaves scurrying in the alley after dark and a desire to see your town come alive in a different time and…
The Gremlin in The Silver Scream came to life.
I admit to being one of the last ones to rake my leaves in the fall.  Every day when I walk out to my car, I stop and stomp through the thick blanket of russet, flaming orange, bright yellow and dessicated brown leaves.  Often I hear something rustling…out of sight.  Probably a squirrel.  But honestly, isn’t it much more fun when you think it might be a creature from another place?
I dare you!  Explore the darkness!  Read “Gremlins: An Anthology” today…and find that wide-eyed horror of youth all over again.
Visit my website!  http://sonyadgrady.com
Be my friend!  http://www.myspace.com/sdgrady_author
“The Silver Scream” by S.D. Grady 
Once of seven tales within “Gremlins”
Film school student, Gilda Albright, has taken a job in the newly refurbished Orpheum Theatre as a movie projectionist. The gem from another era prompts her imagination to take flight, and she invites her boyfriend Seth to a private screening. Looking like a movie star from the 50’s, she strips in the spotlight, ensnaring Seth’s lust and drawing the eager eyes of another to her buxom figure. The building takes on a life of its own—fear invades Gilda’s workdays. Will the unseen gremlin let her go or fulfill its erotic obsession with a vision from the past?
Buy your copy of “Gremlins: An Anthology” today!  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1600542301

Love, Sonya

Want to know more about author S. D. Grady? She’s featured author of the month at The Romance Studio:




I have a very special Halloween treat for you, starting this week with multi-published, author, graphic design artist, editor, Anastasia Rabiyah…





Gremlins in my Laptop


Thanks for having me on your blog, Jon! Hi to all the readers out there. I’m Anastasia Rabiyah and I write dark fantasy and erotic romance in many cross genres. I’m going to focus on the big October release for all my gremlin authors and me. Most everyone knows what a gremlin is. That nasty little bugger that sneaks into our laptops, our emails, our car engines, and anything else we don’t want to take the blame for, and chews up the wiring and the magic things that make our mechanical doodads work. Some people think of them as cute and fuzzy, or maybe green with sharp teeth and fangs. No matter what, they cause trouble!


Gremlins are all trapped inside this new print anthology cleverly titled: Gremlins An Anthology which comes out this Halloween from www.loveyoudivine.com. Seven stories by seven talented authors of dark fantasy that will change the way you envision these nasty little critters—or maybe not. There are some cute ones, some that need to be shot, and some that will lure you into a dark place to have their way with you—okay, that would be mine. She’s quite the seductress.


When author S.D. Grady first suggested this rather unusual idea to write erotic romance themed with gremlins, I was intrigued. I love paranormal baddies and anything mythical or fantastic in nature, so I jumped on the project. Being a recovering gamer—yes, it’s an addiction—I used my fascination with golems to weave a tale of coming of age and dark secrets for my gremlin tale, Hiram’s Secret. What gremlin wouldn’t want to tear apart a mechanical golem and destroy it? In my story, Hiram, an ambitious young man, runs away from his village, hoping to start a new life, find a beautiful bride, and make something of himself other than a poor pig farmer. Hiram crosses the forbidden boundary into another plane where everything is not all it seems to be. Soon enslaved by the grim Lord Beorolf, Hiram finds his hopes dashed…until he sees a mysterious pair of eyes watching him from the cell across the way.  


Several authors stepped up to the plate to add to the gremlin magic. Dawné Dominique’s tale, Bonamy & Clyde, takes a cold, strong willed woman and turns her world upside down with a little help from a gremlin all in the name of love. Bret Jordan spins some medieval magic when a forest witch weaves a seductive spell over a hunter, luring him away from his beloved bride. When he resists, the witch enlists the aid of vile, little gremlin. Cerise Amour’s gremlins are companions to their humans, but their mischief brings hero and heroine close together in a heated moment of passion which gets them both into trouble. Dahlia Rose’s gremlins are a large scale infestation that needs to be eradicated by a New York cop and a band of paranormal hunters. Crymsyn Hart’s gremlin is a cursed creature with many faces in need of a woman who can free him. And S.D. Grady weaves a tale of horror and glamour in her seductive theatre show gone wrong.


I’ve always had a fascination with fantasy. As a child I brought home critters of all kinds from toads to lizards. I guess the way I see it, the gnarly looking creatures are just misunderstood. They need love too. Readers will find a new twist in every gremlin included in this beautiful book. It is my hope too that Gremlins An Anthology will be a cherished keepsake with its unique interior flourishes and decorations. Adult fantasy lovers will fall hard for this creative work packed with darkness, whimsy, and sexual tension enough to make a laptop overheat.


If you can’t wait to get your hands on our gremlins, the book is available for pre-order at 20% off the publisher’s retail price. Click over to www.loveyoudivine.com to reserve yours now. Gremlins is also available from Amazon.com and any major bookstore. If you’d like to taste-test it before you buy, check out the free mini read available at the publisher’s website and see if you’re brave enough to step into the darkness.


Readers who want to find out more about me can stop by my website at www.RabiyahBooks.com where I have lots of pages of interesting goodies, from e-books to free online jigsaw puzzles.


Much love to all,

Anastasia Rabiyah